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Butchers Baits

4" Little Perch Shad Swimbait

4" Little Perch Shad Swimbait

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Little Perch Shad Swimbait Soft Plastic Fishing Bait

  • 4" shad swimbait.
  • 6 baits per pack.
  • Non-weighted.
  • Shad-like deep belly design.
  • Accordion like cut tail.
  • Works best as a trailer for chatterbaits.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Allen McCall
Secret bait

The 4 inch Little Perch Swimbait will catch any fish you are after. It is great bait for pond and small lake fishing. I definitely recommend Butchers Baits for top notch plastics.

Brandon Eversull

Great little bait, great customer service!!

Vincent Lekanoff
Incredible color option

This style of swim bait is one of my favorite for a chatterbait and the colors offered like the little perch is phenomenal. Come March it’s going to land me some good largemouth bad for sure!