How to Fish a Wacky Rig Like a Pro

How to Fish a Wacky Rig Like a Pro

Are you looking for a new fishing technique to try? Look no further than the wacky rig! This method is highly effective and versatile, making it a favorite among professional anglers. In this article, we'll discuss how to fish a wacky rig and provide some tips to help you catch more fish.

Groovy Goat Stick Bait

What is a Wacky Rig?

A wacky rig is a bass fishing technique where a soft plastic bait is rigged in the middle instead of the head. This allows the bait to move more freely in the water, creating a more natural presentation. The wacky rig can be fished in a variety of ways, including Texas rig, Carolina rig, and drop shot.

How to Fish a Wacky Rig

1. Cast your line and let the bait sink to the desired depth.

2. Slowly reel in the slack until you feel tension on the line.

3. Give the rod a quick jerk to create a subtle action in the bait.

4. Pause briefly, then repeat the process.

5. Be patient and wait for a fish to bite!

When fishing a wacky rig, it's important to use the right bait. We recommend the 5.25" Groovy Goat Stick Bait, which is specially designed for wacky rig fishing. This bait is salt infused for a slow sink rate and made from premium USA manufactured plastisol. Its super soft material allows it to move naturally while maintaining durability. Plus, it comes in a unique color that is sure to attract fish.

Ready to give the wacky rig a try? Head to our product page to purchase the 5.25" Groovy Goat Stick Bait and start catching more fish today!

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